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For the realization of blocks of any type and paving stones (according to the model) REQUEST FOR QUOTATION

For making blocks of any type (hollow, solid, slab, block corner post ...) QUOTE REQUEST

The PB1000 curb laying machine is an easy-to-use machine that offers a daily production of 150 curbs or gutters. For making curbs, edgings and gutters 100 cm long QUOTE REQUEST

Fixed press PM65-40 allows the manufacture of a wide variety of products, on wood panels. QUOTE REQUEST

For the manufacture of all types of concrete products using manual molds, available on request. QUOTE REQUEST

Molds for TY interlocking pipes with immediate release allow the production of regular half-interlocking pipes of 1m length. QUOTE REQUEST

Semi-automatic line for the making of concrete products. QUOTE REQUEST

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items