Semi-automatic layers tetra bloc 1000

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For the realization of blocks of any type and paving stones (according to the model)


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MODEL : 1000TP / LENGTH : 1750 mm

WIDTH : 1560 mm / HEIGHT : 1460 mm

WEIGHT WITH MOLD : 950 kg / 1000 kg

MOLD CAPACITY : W: 1012mm | H: 400 to 520 mm | Hmin: 190mm | Hmax: 200 mm

PAVER HEIGHT : Hmin: 60 mm | Hmax: 100mm

The semi-automatic laying machines TETRA BLOC 1000 allow to realize products of length 40cm or 50cm, the model TP allows in more to realize self-locking paving stones.

The daily production of this type of equipment corresponds to several TOUTAGGLO layers (according to the type of product), it can thus be interesting to make this choice. However it is necessary to take into account the size and weight of the machine as well as the surface necessary to work in good conditions.
Indeed, it will be less easy to move a TB 1000 than one or two TOUTAGGLO layers.

A TETRA BLOC 1000 requires a concrete slab of 500 to 600 m², a TOUTAGGLO layer requires a surface from 150 to 200 m² (according to the model).

The TB1000 T is equipped with three-phase electric vibrators 220V or 380V - 2,80kWh.
The TB1000 TP is equipped with three-phase electric vibrators 220V or 380V - 2,80kWh and 4,25kWh (in paving mode).

The list of blocks presented in the pages 40cm blocks and 50cm blocks is not exhaustive. We also manufacture molds for the realization of "blocks to bancher", "blocks post of angle" as well as any type of special molds on request.

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